Note : Write all the answers on the answer sheet.

i. Vocabulary :

A: Fill in the blanks with the words given. There is one extra word.

1. You must work…….to get good marks in your exams.

2. The manager……. the importance of everyone working together.

3. Some children are very…….They break eveiything they get hands on.

4. A lot of greenhouse gases are…….into the atmosphere by cars and factories.

5. Nobody exactly knows what caused the …….of dinosaurs.

6. We should know about the usual……. in any emergencies.

b : Match the following definitions in column (A) with the words in column (b). There is one extra item in column (b).

A                                                                         b

7. part of the body where two bones meet                      a. probable

8. find the place of sth                                                        b. cause

9. take somebody's attention away from sth                   c. joint

10. to a large degree                                                            d. distract

11. likely to be or to happen                                               e. damage

12. physical harm to sth                                                     f. locate

g. mainly

C : Choose the correct choice.

13. You should be …….of bad habits such as crossing your aims in public speaking .

a. aware                 b. proud                c. mild                 d. serious

14.You are too worried about your exams .You should have more ……. in yourself.

a. respect                b. concern            c. confidence         d. emotion

15. These young plants cannot……. in very cold weather conditions.

a. provide                b. protect             c. survive             d. support

D : Fill in the blanks with suitable words of your own .

16. The …….is the layer of the Earth on which we live .

17. General weather of a place over a period of time is called…….

18. Your heart pumps…….around your body .

19. The two breathing organs in the chest of humans and many other animals are called the…….

ii. Grammar:

A : Choose the correct choice.

20.  My brother learned how to drive a car…….he was 18 .

            a. as                            b. whether     c. since                      d. when

21. Nobody can make her…….her mind, she has a fixed idea .

a. change                  b. changes    c. to change       d. changing

22. I saw him…….I was coming into the building .

a. since                      b. as                c. whether        d. because

23. My brother has……. practice to swim in this lake.

a. such                       b. so                c. enough      d. too

B :Rewrite the following sentences with the reduced form of the underlined parts

24. The experiment which was done at Tehran university was successful.

25 . The people who live in the countryside are usually healthier.


C : Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs in parentheses .

26. You can remember things for a long time by…….them several times . (repeat)

27. His friend lent him some money and helped him…….a new job . (start)

28. Why do you force your son…….to bed so early ? ( go )

29. She didn't let her sister…….her car while she was on holiday . ( use )



D : Combine the following sentences with the words given in parentheses.

30. This house is very small. We can't live in it. (too)

31. It was nice weather. We spent the whole day outdoors .( such )


iii. Sentence Function :

Match the items in column (A) with the appropriate phrases in column (b) to make meaningful sentences . There is one extra item in column (b).

          A                                                       B

32.Eating too much fat is dangerous      a. use pauses and silences.

33.During an earthquake, …….                b. check for injuries.

34.To add variety to your speech,            c. the average increase in the Earth's temperature .

35. Global wanning is                                 d. because it can cause heart diseases.

e. stay calm.

iv. Comprehension :

A : Sentence Comprehension : Read the following sentences and choose the correct choice.

36. Since your heart can not lift weights to get stronger, it relies on you to do aerobic

exercise. We understand from this sentence that …….

a. we are too much dependent on our heart

            b. our heart is dependent on us to become strong

c.weight lifting needs strong heart

d. by aerobic exercise we breathe much better

37.   Just as the weather organizations now forecast floods and strong storms, the

national earthquake information centers may one day predict earthquakes.

The above sentence means that …….

a. earthquake prediction is a future possibility

b. weather organizations may predict earthquakes in future

c. earthquakes are nowadays predicted by some organizations

d. the storms and floods cannot be sometimes predicted

38. A smile on your face permits your audience to know that you are human and trustworthy, giving them more reasons to accept your ideas.

The above sentence means that a speaker should …….

a. try to laugh in front of his / her audience

b. ask the audience to accept his / her ideas

c. know that he / she is human

d. build a warm and positive relationship with the audience

B: Cloze Passage :

Fill in the blanks with the words from the list below. There is one extra word.

include - excellent - actually - gestures - difference - create – humor

The purpose of humor is not to be a comedian but for you to …39….a comfortable

atmosphere and have fun with your audience. Humor can make the …40….between

an average and a(n) …41….presentation. A little …42….in your speech permits the

audience to know you are human and people …43….learn more if they are having fun.

Tiy to …44….personal stories or recent events to add fun to your speech. In this way

you will improve it.

C : Reading Comprehension : Passage( 1 )

Read the following passage and choose the correct choice.

   What did Leonardo da Vinci, Paul McCarteny, and Napoleon have in common? They were all left - handed. Today about 15 percent of the population is left - handed. But why are peopleleft - handed? The answer is in the way the brain works . The brain has two halves - the right half and the left half. The right half controls the left side of the body,and the left half controls the right side of the body. So right-handed people have a strong left brain, and left-handed people have a strong right brain. The two halves of the brain are about the same size. But each side controls different things. The left side controls language, math, and logic (the science of thinking about or explaining the reasons for something). When you memorize the spelling of words, or when you put things in order, you use your left side. The right side of the brain controls your love of ait, color and music. It is also good at recognizing faces. This doesn't mean that all artists are left - handed and all accountants are right-handed. There are many exceptions. Some right-handers have a strong right brain, and some left - handers have a strong left brain.

45. According to the passage, which of the following statements is True ?

a. Fifty percent of the population is left - handed.

b. The right side of the brain controls the right side of the body

c. Love of art is controlled by the right side of the body.

d. Each side of the brain controls the same things

46. Because of ……., they are right - handed or left - handed

a. the way the brain works

b. the things people have in common

c. the size of people's brain

d. the things people do every day

47. The left side of the brain …….the right side .

a. is smaller than                      c. is stronger than

b. is as weak as                        d. is as large as

48. When you think and give reasons, you

a. use the left side of your brain

b. should memorize the spelling rules

c. control your love of art and music

d. have a strong right brain

Passage( 2 )

Read the following passage and answer the questions as required.

   Our growing need for food, goods and energy has had many harmful effects on the environment. Gases which are produced by cars, power stations and factories cause acid rain which kills trees and fish and damages buildings. If we use more environmentally- friendly forms of transport (those which don't damage environment), we can reduce this form of pollution.

A layer of carbon dioxide and other gases traps heat and keeps the Earth at the right temperature. This is called the greenhouse effect. But when we burn fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gasoline, we produce too much carbon dioxide, which causes the temperature of the Earth to rise little by little. This global warming can then cause changes in climate. A layer of gas which is called ozone protects the Earth from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun ( these rays are lines of light that cause our skin to become darker). Certain chemicals which are used in factories such as CFCs, have caused a hole to develop in the ozone layer. Too many ultraviolet rays can damage plants and sea life, and increase the risk of skin cancer.

Most of the energy we use to heat and light buildings, run machines, etc .is made of burning fossil fuels. We will finally run out of these fuels, so we need to use other sources of energy such as wind and solar energy, that are renewable and don't pollute the air. We should also try to save energy.

49. According to the passage, fossil fuels …….

a. decrease the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

b. are the main source of pollution in the environment

c. should take the place of wind and solar energy

            d. protect the ozone layer from harmful ultraviolet rays

50. We understand from the passage that …….

a. global wanning happens suddenly

b. using environmentally- friendly forms of transport increases pollution

c. certain amount of carbon dioxide is necessary for the Earth

d. global warming doesn't change the climate

True or False

We understand from the passage that …….

(        ) 51. burning fossil fuels causes acid rain

(        ) 52. carbon dioxide causes the Earth to cool down

(        ) 53. the ozone layer is a protective layer around the Earth

(        ) 54. wind and solar energy are renewable sources of energy

(        ) 55. the ozone layer damages plants and sea life

(        ) 56. CFCs are harmful for the ozone layer

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